Verification of antidiabetic potential of Aloe vera: ɑ-amylase inhibitory assay of crude aloe gel and aloe latex with rind extracts

Deanne Alcalde1, Diane May Tajo1 and Dyan Reizl Valencia1
1Philippine Science High School Western Visayas Campus – Bito-on, Jaro, Iloilo City 5000, Department of Science and Technology, Philippines

Aloe vera has been known to have antidiabetic potential. Some studies state that aloe vera is antidiabetic because of the aloe latex while some studies state that its antidiabetic property is exhibited by the aloe gel. This study aims to verify whether aloe vera latex with rind and aloe vera gel indeed have antidiabetic potential. This study used the ɑ-amylase assay in which the inhibition of maltose was measured using a spectrophotometer. The results show that both aloe gel and aloe latex with rind extracts have antidiabetic property. It is recommended that active antidiabetic constituents be isolated and undergo further analyses to determine which constituents have better potential to be used for drug development.