Seed germination potential of different local varieties of Oryza sativa (rice) as affected by different seed priming methods


Philippine Science High School – Western Visayas Campus, Brgy. Bito-on, Jaro, Iloilo City 5000, Department of Science and Technology, Philippines


Seed priming is a technique used to improve the overall germination behavior of rice through the imbibition of solutions. This study aimed to investigate the effects of different priming methods on two local varieties of Oryza sativa (rice). This study employed three different priming methods using mannitol, glycerol, and sorbitol on red and black varieties of Oryza sativa and compared the germination behavior between primed and unprimed seeds. The researchers compared three different parameters such as germination percentage, germination index, and shoot/root ratio by performing a Kruskal-Wallis test using SPSS. Seeds primed with mannitol in black rice resulted in a significant difference in the germination index and shoot/root ratio compared to unprimed seeds. Seeds primed with glycerol in red rice resulted in a significant difference in the germination index compared to unprimed seeds.

Keywords: seed priming, imbibition, germination percentage, germination index, shoot/root ratio

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