Pagwaragwag 2021 Technical Report

The tenth edition of Pagwaragwag was held on April 30, 2021, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM via Zoom Cloud Meetings. Pagwaragwag integrates all of the previous research activities done. The poster presentation was previously done in Pagbalandra, and the gimmicks were supposed to be done in Pahisayod. Similar preparations for those events were made. It was also expected that the outputs for Pagwaragwag are an improvement of what was done in previous events.

The events: community poster presentation and gimmicks were held consecutively. The community poster presentation and gimmicks were performed throughout the entire duration of the event for elementary students. 

An operation manual was made which detailed what needed to be done before and during the event. Meetings were held during Research 3 Class that discussed the contents of the operation manual and gave out the task assignments that served as the contribution of each work unit for the conduct of the event.

As part of the requirements, all participating work units submitted the following updated outputs: Community Poster, Headline Posters, and their implementation plan for the gimmicks.